Arnold Get Dinero in Havana

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Arnold and his contributors
will sit down for some cigar-chompin’, back-slappin’, ol’ fashioned
political schemin’ tonight at the Grand Havana Room in Beverly Hills.
For between $5k and $25k, one hundred donors get to join the Gov at
L.A.’s den of snootiness. Here’s what the Havana Room says about
itself: "Members, including some of the biggest names in Hollywood and
the business world… identify themselves to the hostess, who then
unlocks a private elevator, which glides soundlessly up a floor to this
secret smoking lair."

With Arnold’s shrinking poll numbers, it seems that hiding out in a
smoky back room with big donors is not the best way to demonstrate that
he is with the People.

Click here to view the invite to tonight’s event.
Click here to download the invite.

To join the fun: go to 301 N. Canon Drive in Beverly Hills at 7PM. Bring a cigar.

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