Universal Health Care

Bernie Sanders Speaks at 2018 Rage For Justice

Sen. Bernie Sanders honors his colleague RoseAnn DeMoro as she retires from serving as Executive Director of California Nurses Association/National Nurses Association at the 2018 Rage For Justice on...

Can Amazon, Chase and Berkshire Fix American Health Care?

My dry cleaner assaulted me last weekend furious about a thirty percent increase in his health insurance premiums.  Yesterday, a California Anthem policyholder, Josh Libresco, emailed me about another 19% increase...

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee Discriminates Against HIV/AIDS Patients

Memphis, TN -- Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee is attempting to circumvent the central reform of the Affordable Care Act—the so called “guaranteed issue” provision, which ensures all...

TGIF in America Again?

Sharing the midday, San Francisco sunlight with Bernie Sanders Friday, I had a rare feeling these days, that everything is going to be all right.  It felt just the...

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