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Kamala Harris Is A Friend, Not Foe, Of Big Tech

By Jon Swartz, MARKETWATCH August 13, 2020 An audible collective sigh of relief from Silicon Valley came shortly after Kamala Harris was named running mate of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe...

Washington’s New Tone: Help Us, Silicon Valley

Policymakers have disparaged tech companies over issues like data privacy, market competition and online misinformation. Now, they need the industry's help to combat coronavirus. By Steven Overly, POLITICO March 18,...

Consumer Watchdog Calls Upon Circuit Court to Re-Interpret Internet Law Abused by Tech Companies

LOS ANGELES – An Internet law often cited by tech companies as a defense from any liability for material posted on their platforms must not be used as a...

Google’s First-Quarter Lobbying Expenditures Top $5 Mmillion; AT&T, Comcast Each Surpass $4 Million

LOS ANGELES, CA – Google’s lobbying expenditures in the first quarter of this year topped $5 million, as the Internet giant sought to influence federal policymakers on issues including...

Net Neutrality Repeal Gives Telecoms Control Over Internet, Says Consumer Watchdog

Jamie Court, President of Consumer Watchdog, sits down with KTTV to talk about the FCC's repeal of Net Neutrality regulations, and how this will affect internet users.

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