Consumer Watchdog Report Shows How Wall Street AI Could Cause a Financial Crisis And How it Can Be Stopped

Wall Street banks are seeking patents and trademarks for a range of uses, with JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley seeking AI patents and trademarks for investment, analyzing securities, and predicting stock prices and portfolios.

Hallucinating Risk: Here’s How Artificial Intelligence Is Taking Over Wall Street and What Can be Done About It

Major Wall Street investment banks are pouring billions of dollars into AI research, patents, and financing without adequate safeguards, according to an investigation by Consumer Watchdog.Financial services spending on...

One of the Largest HIV Privacy Breach Payments Arriving in Mailboxes This Week

Los Angeles, CA – Checks for $1,821.58 were mailed late last week to hundreds of Californians whose confidential medical information—including their HIV status—was allegedly accessed and shared without their consent. The...

The California Public Utilities Commission Oks Driverless Expansion Despite Incomplete Safety Record

A former Cruise lawyer and current CPUC commissioner voted in favor of his former employer

The Hill – California privacy regulator reviewing data collected by smart vehicles

By Miranda Nazzaro, THE HILL California’s privacy regulator said Monday it will be reviewing the data privacy practices of connected car manufacturers.   Connected cars offer drivers smart features including web-based entertainment,...

Consumer Watchdog Applauds CA Privacy Agency’s Investigation into Car Data

California’s privacy enforcement agency is investigating how car companies that collect personal data—a ballooning multibillion dollar industry—are complying with data privacy laws.

What Will CA Data Privacy Enforcement Look Like if it’s Headed by a Former Amazon Lawyer?

The new head of enforcement for the California Privacy Protection Agency was mostly recently a top lawyer for Amazon who defended the monopoly against data privacy enforcement. But you...

Bloomberg Law – California Privacy Agency Faces Lobbying in Writing AI Rules

By Titus Wu, BLOOMBERG LAW Tech companies and privacy advocates are lobbying the California Privacy Protection Agency as it prepares to write new rules to guard against abuses caused by...

Corporations Are Making a Last-Ditch Effort to Stop Californians from Taking Control of Their Personal Data

The biggest lobbying arm of corporations in California has filed a lawsuit seeking to delay enforcement of the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), the new law giving people control...

How New CA Privacy Regulations Can Be Drawn to Stop Biased Algorithms

Los Angeles, CA—Today Consumer Watchdog released a report spotlighting the profiling flaws of algorithms and submitted a letter this week to the state privacy agency outlining how new state...

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