Aspen Adams, Escalon

Aspen Adams was a happy, healthy, energetic baby. But when she was 21 months old, her mother Leah discovered a lump on her belly. She took Aspen to the doctor...

Dr. Keith Blair, La Mesa

Dr. Keith Blair  was a retired dentist  having practiced for over 50 years in San Diego.  He was the President of the San Diego Dental Society and he was...

Patricia McMillan, Oceanside

Insufficient preventative and post-operative care lead to a severe staph infection in Patricia’s eye, causing permanent blindness.

Anonymous R

R.’s glaring symptoms of pneumonia were brushed off until it was too late.

Anonymous S

Instead of emergency medication for a pulmonary embolism, S. was given a cardiac stress test that led to his death.

Anonymous T

T. underwent successful surgery but her doctor forgot to reverse the anesthesia before removing her breathing tube. She lost oxygen to the brain and never regained consciousness.

Anonymous J

J.’s doctor failed to notify her of a critical vaccine she would need after spleen removal. She contracted a preventable infection and now lives with chronic pain.

Shelly Gerrans, San Anselmo

A medical device is left in Shelly's abdomen during a routine hysterectomy. She becomes paralyzed and the resulting medical costs force her family into bankruptcy.

Malyia Jeffers, Sacramento

Little Malyia waited in the ER lobby for hours with a rapidly spreading infection, resulting in the amputation of her legs and parts of her hands.

Jessie Geyer

The failure to administer a life-saving antibiotic meant the death of 7-year-old Jessie.

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