Oil Refiners

KCBS-AM (Radio) – San Francisco, CA; Governor Newsom Is Pivoting On His Plan To Penalize Oil Companies That Overcharge

By Staff Reporters, KCBS – San Francisco, CA Click below to listen to the audio of this radio broadcast segment.

The Los Angeles Times – Newsom gives up call for lawmakers to cap oil industry profits

By Taryn Luna, THE LOS ANGELES TIMES https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2023-03-15/ca-newsom-oil-profits-cap SACRAMENTO —  Gov. Gavin Newsom is giving up his high-profile call for the California Legislature to set a cap on oil company profits and instead...

Executives And Insiders At CA Big 5 Refiners Cashed Out $590 Million In Company Stock During 2022 In Wartime Profiteering

Top executives and insiders at California’s big five oil refiners cashed out $590 million in stock in 2022, according to a review of filings with Securities Exchange Commission by the nonprofit Consumer Watchdog.

Associated Press – Chevron hasn’t complied with new California gas pricing law

By Adam Beam, ASSOCIATED PRESS https://apnews.com/article/california-chevron-oil-gas-prices-bc34bc7259373baad141180778c6af35 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Chevron has not complied with a new California law requiring it to disclose how much money it is making from selling...

Consumer Watchdog Testifies For Windfall Profits Cap At CA Senate Energy Committee

Sacramento, CA – Consumer Watchdog President Jamie Court will offer testimony in favor of enacting a price gouging penalty and windfall profits cap on oil refiners at the California Senate Energy,...

KFMB CW – San Diego, CA; Oil Companies Need to be Held Accountable for High Gas Prices

Jamie Court keeps pushing to penalize oil companies for gas gouging

KGTV(ABC) – San Diego, CA; Jamie Court Will Testify at the Price Gouging Hearing for Rising Gas Prices

Jamie Court says hearings like these matter because gas is not a luxury to that people can choose to go without.

PBF Energy, Last of California’s Big Five Refiners To Report 2022 Results, Finishes Parade Of Windfall Profits In California

Los Angeles, CA—PBF Energy today posted an annual profit of $2.9 billion. The five refiners controlling California’s gasoline market --  PBF Energy, Chevron, Marathon Petroleum, Valero, and Phillips 66 –...

The Daily Kos – State Senator Dave Min Introduces Bill to End Offshore Oil Drilling in California Waters

By Dan Bacher, THE DAILY KOS https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2023/2/15/2153205/-State-Senator-Dave-Min-Introduces-Bill-to-End-Offshore-Oil-Drilling-in-California-Waters SACRAMENTO, CA — While California officials and major media continue to claim the state is the nation’s “green leader,” offshore oil and gas drilling proceeds in state and federal...

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