Consumer Watchdog Shares Tips On Protecting Your Packages From Porch Pirates

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By Good Day LA, KTTV FOX TV-11 Los Angeles, CA

November 21, 2019

LOS ANGELESThe United Postal Service says they delivered more than 30 million packages a day last holiday season and that means more opportunities for thieves. Consumer Watchdog shared tips on preventing porch pirates from nabbing your packages. 

Porch pirates are thieves who steal your packages right off your porch. 

FOX 11’s Vanessa Borge spoke to Consumer Watchdog’s Carmen Balber about ways to make sure it’s not one of yours they nab.

Balber said an easy solution is to make sure you or someone you know is home when a package is scheduled to be delivered. 

“Consumers really need to beware as they order online, as so many more people do for the holidays that they don’t order them to their home when they are not there in a place that’s unsecured and at risk of being stolen,” said Balber. 

However, most of us can’t be home to make sure we get our delivery. 

“The best way to protect yourself is to have an area where someone can receive them. You can be sending them to your work, or home when you know there will be someone there. You can send them to a surrogate or when your neighbor will be home.”

Some companies already thought of a solution.

“Companies like Amazon have locker pickup locations and you can pick up your package at your 7-11 or Target. You can pick up your package at your convenience in a secure location,” said Balber. 

You’ll want to ensure you plan out your deliveries because if your package is stolen, it is ultimately your responsibility. 

But don’t assume your package was stolen . Balber recommends contacting the company and make sure they can provide proof it was delivered.  Although it is ultimately your responsibility, many companies will send you a new item.   And if it was stolen, contact the police immediately.

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