Donate Today

Michael Rothfeld of the LA Times recently highlighted Governor Schwarzenegger's many public appearances this year on behalf of his donors.

Rothfeld detailed one of Arnold's main mutual back-scratching arrangements, when in October of this year, Anschutz Entertainment Group completed a two-year project to generate solar power on the Staples Center roof, and our action governor showed up at a ceremony to give green praise to the Staples Center and its owners. We're not supposed to notice that they've given $296,000 to Arnold's various committees over the years... Or that Schwarzenegger returned to the Staples Center that same night at the Lakers' season opener for a fundraiser thrown by the company that raked in half a million dollars for the gov's political endeavors.

Alas, doing his donors' bidding is nothing new to Arnold, as we've documented before here, here, and here... Anyone else think that the gov should put more effort into helping to fix the state budget debacle than he does doing favors for his donors?