Zombie Props 32 and 33 Attack! Vote For Your Lives!

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These zombie propositions by two California billionaires just won’t die! Propositions 32 and 33 are repeat attempts by two super-rich individuals to take money and power from working people.

Please click here to send an email to your friends, or use the share buttons above to post our zombie attack flick on Facebook, Twitter or your favorite social network. Help us counter the billionaires' $50 million ad campaign and make sure every Californian knows that on Nov. 6th they have to vote for their lives!

Proposition 32 would again restrict workers' rights to speak out in elections, while creating special exemptions for corporations and Super PACs to continue spending unlimited amounts on politics.  Proposition 33 is another attempt by the billionaire chairman of Mercury Insurance to roll back consumer protection laws and raise rates on good drivers.

Special thanks to filmmakers Shannon O'Rourke & Tom McMahon, their team, and Public Interest Pictures for the 48-hour film festival that brought us together.

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