Rooftop Solar

Environmental Groups Are United In California Rooftop Solar Fight, with One Notable Exception

NRDC’s stance on rooftop solar shows differences in strategy and worldview. By Dan Gearino and Anne Marshall-Chalmers, INSIDE CLIMATE NEWS March 7, 2022 A policy debate over rooftop solar subsidies in California...

Florida and California Consider Changes That Could ‘Decimate The Rooftop Solar Market,’ Experts Say

By Ben Adler, YAHOO NEWS February 2, 2022 California and Florida are considering revoking a policy that has encouraged homeowners to install rooftop solar panels — causing fear among solar panel...

Column: There’s A Battle Brewing Over Changes To California Solar Incentives. Newsom Is In The Middle

Column by George Skelton, LOS ANGELES TIMES January 31, 2022 SACRAMENTO — Rooftop solar is generating intense heat on Gov. Gavin Newsom. And he’s quietly trying to cool it down. He’s doing that by...

If Newsom Blesses CPUC Plan To Charge Consumers Solar Tax, He Will Kill Rooftop Solar Across The Country, Consumer Watchdog Says

Los Angeles, CA — Consumer Watchdog said today that Governor Newsom firmly reject most of a proposed net metering decision before the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) if he...

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