Column: California Utility Regulators Are Lapdogs. The Fix: Make Them Elected

By Thomas Elias, THE DESERT SUN June 7, 2021 There is plenty of reason for Californians to despise the state’s Public Utilities Commission, the five-person appointive body that sets electric, natural...

PG&E Inspections Of Equipment That Sparked Deadly Camp Fire Were Flawed, State Regulators Say

By Hailey Branson-Potts & Maria L. La Ganga, LOS ANGELES TIMES December 3, 2019 For years, Pacific Gas & Electric failed to do climbing inspections of a century-old tower that malfunctioned...

PG&E Spent $876,445 On Lobbying From Jan. 1 To June 30 – After Spending Nearly $10 Million In 2018

By Dan Bacher, INDYBAY MEDIA October 31, 2019 The Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E), again in the spotlight of the national and international news media because of its shutoffs of...

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