KERO-BFL (ABC) – Bakersfield, CA: Michele Ramos Speaks About Loss and Liability in the Medical Field

Patient advocate Michele Monserrat-Ramos speaks about her experience and how she's helping families in Bakersfield to educate them on the resources they can utilize to learn more about their health care providers.

‘Pure Capitalism’: Republicans Nix Insulin Price Caps On Private Insurance In Blow To Democrats

By Katherine Swartz, USA TODAY August 8, 2022 WASHINGTON – Senate Democrats were able to keep the out-of-pocket price for most insulin at $35 per month through the Inflation Reduction Act they passed Sunday and sent on to the House....

Governor Newsom Signs Historic Legislation to Restore Patient Access to Justice, Update 47-Year-Old Medical Malpractice Damage Cap

Sacramento, CA – Consumer Watchdog and California families harmed by medical negligence applauded Governor Newsom’s historic signature today on legislation to update California’s 47-year-old medical malpractice damage cap and restore injured patients’ access to justice.

Consumer Watchdog Calls On Lawmakers to Enact Patient Bill of Rights to Reform Medical Board, Doctor Accountability in California

Los Angeles, CA – Consumer Watchdog called on legislative leaders to enact a Patient Bill of Rights to reform physician oversight and accountability in California. The nonprofit consumer advocacy organization said...

How Google Is Making More Money Than Ever Off the Sick and Vulnerable

By John Mac Ghlionn, THE NEW YORK POST June 5, 2021 In 2019, Google embarked on a mysterious-sounding venture.  Called Project Nightingale and carried out in secret, the tech giant teamed up...

Racial Justice Groups Endorse Fairness Act to Reform Medical Negligence Law, Call on Governor Newsom and Legislature to Act

Manteca, CA -- A coalition of Central Valley racial justice groups announced their endorsement of the Fairness for Injured Patients Act, the 2022 ballot initiative to update California’s discriminatory cap...

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