Cost to Californians $10 Trillion by 2045 From Oil And Gas, Consumer Watchdog Reveals in New Report

Los Angeles, CA—The true cost to the public of California’s oil and gas production and combustion is estimated to reach $10 trillion by 2045, a new report released today by Consumer Watchdog...

Earthworks Report Reveals California Fails To Safely Manage Toxic Oil And Gas Waste (That’s Also Radioactive)

A new report released by Earthworks, along with allies VISION California and Center for Biological Diversity, reveals that California, often portrayed by the state’s politicians and national media as the nation’s “green” leader, is actually...

Californians Could Sign Ballot Measures Online If Group Has Its Way

By John Wildermuth, THE SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE September 24, 2020 A consumer advocacy group wants to pull most of the rickety card tables, dog-eared paper petitions and pushy initiative signature gatherers...

California Tries To Curb Discrimination In Auto Insurance Pricing

By Greg Iacurci, CNBC TV December 24, 2019 California officials proposed a rule on Tuesday that would cut discriminatory pricing practices being used by auto insurance companies in the state. The California...

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