Spectrum News 1 (San Fernando Valley) – Los Angeles, CA: Fire Insurance Affordability Carmen Balber says homeowners should push state lawmakers to hold insurance companies accountable, so what people can really do aside from shopping around is go to their state lawmakers and say enough is enough.

KGO-SF (ABC) – San Francisco, CA: Consumer Watchdog and the Insurance Commissioner’s Office Are In A Brawl Today Harvey Rosenfield discusses how a big selling point for the Insurance proposal, we were told, was a guarantee that insurance companies would sell more insurance in difficult to insure...

KNBC-LA (NBC) – Los Angeles, CAL: CA To Consider New Rules For Property Insurance Pricing

Jamie Court of Consumer Watchdog says the new rules aren't necessary. Records show California is already more profitable for insurers than many states.

KPIX-SF (CBS) – San Francisco, CA: Insurance Overhaul

Insurance companies for the first time will be allowed to factor in the future risks of extreme weather and wildfires into the rates, that means your insurance rate is probably going up. Officials are willing to make us pay the insurance industry's ransom.

NBC Nightly News: Climate Change Driving Up Home Insurance

Harvey Rosenfield says the insurance companies are using climate change as an excuse to make changes in rules that have saved Californians hundreds of billions of dollars in the last 35 years.

KCAL-LA – Los Angeles, CA: Insurance for High Risk Areas

New insurance deal will mean that California homeowners pay hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars more every year for homeowners insurance.

KTLA-LA (CW) – Los Angeles, CA: Insurance Companies Offering Coverage In CA Fire Zones Again

Consumer watchdog says the deal could lead to extremely high increases in people's insurance bills.

KXTV-SAC (ABC) – Sacramento, CA: Changes Coming to Home Insurance Market

Consumer Watchdog opposes the governor's executive order saying there are other ways to address the impact of climate change that we have outlined and can be worked out in the legislature. It cannot be solved unilaterally by bowing to the industry's self-serving demands and its threat that they will leave the state.

KCBS-LA (CBS) – Los Angeles, CA: CA Insurance Pricing Proposal

Insurance companies will use secret algorithms to set rates for homeowners in their coverage for wildfires and to add reinsurance cost premiums which will lead to higher premium costs.

KCRA3 – Sacramento, CA: California Lawmakers to Hold Hearings on Homeowners Insurance Crisis Jamie Court says having hearings where insurance companies talk about their issues aren't going to solve the problem.

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