Former Doctor Of Demi Dominguez Agrees To Surrender Medical License

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December 16, 2021

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — A Bakersfield OB-GYN has agreed to surrender his license to the Medical Board of California. This comes after being accused of medical negligence in the death of 23-year-old Demi Dominguez. 

By surrendering his license, Dr. Arthur Park agreed to “lose all rights and privileges to practice as a Physician and Surgeon in the state of California,” according to the agreement. 

Park’s medical license will be officially surrendered on Dec. 30, 2021. 

“Dr. Park never went into see her. He never went into see her,” Michele Monserratt-Ramos, Kathy Olsen Patient Safety Advocate for Consumer Watchdog, said. “He never went over he labs with her. He didn’t go in and assess her. He didn’t offer her a diagnosis.”

Michele Monserratt-Ramos with Consumer Watchdog says 23-year-old Demi was told to get a blood pressure prescription drug, but that was all.

“The issue is that Demi was allowed to be discharged without a diagnosis and nothing had improved at all,” Michele Monserratt-Ramos, Kathy Olsen Patient Safety Advocate for Consumer Watchdog, said.

According to records, while 8 months pregnant, Dominguez had preeclampsia but was not diagnosed by her OBGYN or Dr. Park who saw her during the emergency visit. She went to Mercy Hospital Southwest, complaining of swelling and high blood pressure. Park dismissed the swelling as a result of too much sodium in her diet, Dominguez’s mother said. He prescribed her Labetalol to help lower her blood pressure.

She returned to have a check-up by Dr. Yu, her main OB-GYN whom she’d selected after thorough research and reviews. Her blood pressure was 145/100, still high. He sent her home with a recommendation to continue taking the medication.

Less than two days later, she had a seizure in her sleep. Surgeons were able to deliver her son before her death, but he was declared brain dead and later died too.

Demi’s mother and Demi’s fiancé’s mother say the surrendered medical license is not enough.

“I’m glad that he’s not practicing and harming women, but I was lied [to] And I was under the impression that you know, I was subpoenaed to go to court on January 10th, 2022 for justice,” Tracy Dominguez, Demi’s Mother, said.

“It’s a disappointment, it’s a disappointment, it’s getting momentum and thinking we’re going to get stuff accomplished and get justice for what happened,” Monique Himes, Xavier’s Mother and Malakhi’s Grandmother, said.

They say Park should have faced a jury in criminal court and been prosecuted. They say they are concerned that he could get his license back and harm more women and babies.

The family has continued to push the medical board to revoke Park’s medical license. 

This tragedy comes after a woman died from childbirth complications in the care of Dr. Park in September 2016 when he was working at Adventist Health. He had his medical license temporarily suspended, but it was renewed at that time.

Tracy says they are starting their foundation, “Save a Mom, save a family: Demi and Malakhi’s foundation” next year. It will help mothers learn how to advocate for themselves.

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