California's Top Oil Regulator Resigning Amid Battle Over Oil Permits

By Joshua Yeager, KVPR - Los Angeles, CA

January 25, 2023

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Uduak-Joe Ntuk has resigned after three years of leading the Geologic Energy Management Division. But what does the departure of the state’s top oil regulator mean exactly for California? KVPR’s Joshua Yeager explains what one watchdog group is looking for. 

California Oil and Gas Regulator Resigns as Critics Point to Drilling Permits Spike

By Ari Plachta and Stephen Hobbs, THE SACRAMENTO BEE

January 20, 2023

California’s official responsible for overseeing the oil and gas industry unexpectedly resigned last week, prompting speculation from environmental advocates that Uduak-Joe Ntuk faced pressure to step down after overseeing a recent spike in new drilling permits.

Get Ready For A Massive SoCalGas Bill This Month, As Natural Gas Prices Soar

By Russ Mitchell & Rob Nikolewski, THE LOS ANGELES TIMES

January 6, 2023

The warning Southern California Gas Co. issued to its customers was unusually blunt: "There's no easy way to put this," the company said. "January bills are likely to be shockingly high."

Oil And Gas Industry Has Spent Over $30 Million In 2021-22 Session Lobbying CA Legislators


December 12, 2022

Flush with billions of dollars in record windfall profits, the oil and gas companies in California have been spending big money lately in an attempt to influence the California Legislature and voters and continue the systemic regulatory capture that has fouled California government for decades.

High Gas Costs Hurt California Drivers As Refiners Rake In Huge Profits. These Charts Explain

By Laurence Darmiento, Sean Greene, Vanessa Martínez, THE LOS ANGELES TIMES

December 11, 2022

Amid historically high California gas prices that have drained drivers' wallets, Gov. Gavin Newsom declared the state's oil industry an outlaw. 

Column: At DWP, The Pay Is Good, The Benefits Are Better And The Deals Keep Getting Sweeter


December 3, 2022

More than once over the years, when people have complained about how hard it is to survive in a low-wage economy with such crippling healthcare costs, I've recommended they apply for work at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

‘Lying and Gouging’: Gov. Newsom Unveils Plan To Cap Oil Refiners’ Profits

By Eliyahu Kamisher, THE MERCURY NEWS

December 6, 2022

Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday unveiled his plan to punish oil companies for reaping massive profits in California while drivers emptied their wallets at gas stations.

Prepare For More Gas Price Hikes. Here’s Why—And Who’s To Blame


December 4, 2022

As California energetically attempts to decarbonize the state’s economy, some in Sacramento fear the plan faces a looming threat: astronomical gas prices that could fuel a massive public backlash.