Medical Board Patient Bill of Rights: Transparency

Patients should have the right to know if other Californians were harmed or died under their doctor’s care. Families should also have the right to know when a hospital takes action on a provider’s hospital privileges and to determine whether the medical board filed an accusation and took action. When the Medical Board has disciplined a doctor, that information should be presented clearly and be easy to find.

Better disclosure online of a physician’s history 

  • The physician profile summary on the Medical Board’s website is the only place patients can get verified information about their doctor’s record. That profile should clearly state if:
    • A doctor has lost hospital privileges. 
    • Has been charged with a crime for causing serious harm or death of a patient. Currently a provider can be charged with manslaughter due to the death of a patient and that information is not required to be posted on the physician profile.  
    • Any prior disciplinary actions, including completed license suspensions. 
  • The physician profile summary should also disclose pending investigations in the most serious cases involving sexual misconduct, serious injury or death. These include: 
    • When a board investigation has been put on hold pending criminal investigation. 
    • Investigations into patient harm involving a doctor with a past history of Board discipline for patient harm. 
    • When the board is investigating a notice of hospital discipline – known as an 805 report. 
  • All malpractice settlements and judgments.

Improved disclosure in person to patients before an appointment

  • When a patient makes an appointment to see a doctor, they should be told the doctor’s disciplinary history if it involves serious patient harm. This should include notification if a doctor: 
    • Is on probation for causing serious injury or death of a patient
    • Criminal charges involving quality of care
    • A revocation of hospital privileges
    • And if implementation of a license suspension or revocation has been delayed or appealed. The same should apply to restrictions on a doctor’s practice. 

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