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Arnold has formed a fundraising committee for what he calls his "first and only formal inauguration."
Then it must have been some other Terminator-in-Chief who was sworn in
as governor (with the other Eunice and Sargent Shriver on stage) back
in November 2003. Who was it that attended a luncheon thrown by the Chamber of Commerce as his first official act, and inaugurated his habit of breaking the promise to be independent from special interests? (ArnoldWatch was launched that day to remind him just what a special interest is.)

Among the donors for that other guy's '03 inauguration were some of
Arnold's most ardent supporters, including developer Alex Spanos, Jerry
Perenchio/Chartwell Partners and sub-prime lender Ameriquest Capital,
who take places 2, 3 and 4 among the gov's top contributors.

Because inaugural committees can accept funds in any amount, they are a
particularly efficient way for special interests who want to curry
special influence with the governor. Arnold should disclose all donors
to what undoubtedly will be a gala (read: expensive) affair.