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Health insurance companies are raising rates by double digits AGAIN. The difference this time is that we can make them pay us back with a refund!

Please watch this one minute video and join us in getting a refund of our excessive premium dollars.

Anthem Blue Cross is raising rates by up to 25%. Aetna, Kaiser, Health Net, and United HealthCare are pumping up prices too.

California families just cannot afford these repeat rate hikes. Thanks to you, we have qualified our ballot measure for the next ballot to stop the health insurance companies and make sure all their rates are justified. It provides for refunds of health insurance rates that are excessive today.

Will you help us get our money back?


Consumer Watchdog Campaign beat Mercury Insurance in November.  Now its going after the health insurance companies to regulate its rate and ensure fairness in all mandatory lines of insurance.


We can stop rate hikes in the future and get money back for rate hikes we’re paying today. Will you join us?

Together, we can do it.