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Arnold's CHP detail has
visited businesses up and down the capital's K-Street pedestrian mall
and asked them to close down their shops for tonight's "Be Cool"
premiere and red carpet walk. Arnold's cops indicated they are
restricting access to the mall for tonight's screening. But the Crest
Cafe next door is open for business for real people...unless Arnold
issues an edict closing down California businesses in order to take a
walk down the red carpet without jeers. That's because nurses,
teachers, students and firefighters rented the Crest Cafe for a "Be
Real" party and will be there to let the Gov know how they feel.

Will the man of the people -- who proclaimed California is open for
business -- use his police powers to shut down small businesses so he
doesn't face criticism? Be there, be real and find out. C'mon Arnold,
if you can't take the heat, get out of the spotlight.