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Court of Appeal Rejects Insurance Industry Challenge to Prop 103 Insurance Rate Protections

Santa Monica, CA—In a published decision issued Friday afternoon, the California Court of Appeal in Sacramento has rejected a sweeping legal assault brought by Mercury Casualty Co. and insurance industry lobbying groups against Proposition 103, the landmark insurance reform law that has saved California consumers over $100 billion since voters passed it in 1988.

KTTV Fox TV-11 Good Day LA: Prop 61 Debate

Consumer Watchdog's Jamie Court debates the drug industry's representative Kathy Fairbanks about Prop 61, which lowers the prices the state of California pays for prescription drugs. 


Paid for by Consumer Watchdog Campaign - Yes on 61, Major Funding by Yes on Prop 61, Californians for Lower Drug Prices, With Major Funding by AIDS Healthcare Foundation and California Nurses Association PAC

KCBS TV-2 LA: Consumer Watchdog Provides Evidence of Gas Price Market Manipulation & Point to CEO Comments


Consumer Watchdog provided increased evidence of gas price manipulation in California. While California wholesale gas prices are the least in the nation, street prices are the highest. Advocates also played the recording of an investor call, where an oil refiner CEO mused that ExxonMobil may have decided to keep their California refinery offline.

Tesla Autopilot Crash Should Slow Federal Regulators’ Rush On Self-Driving Cars

Santa Monica, CA – The news that a Tesla driving in autopilot mode was involved in a fatal collision is evidence that federal regulators need to go slow as they write new guidelines for self-driving cars, said Consumer Watchdog.

Attorney General Issues Subpoenas To Refiners Over Gasoline Prices, Answering Call From Consumer Watchdog 16 Months Ago

Santa Monica, CA - The Wall Street Journal is reporting that major California oil refiners are receiving subpoenas related to manipulating the gasoline supply to raise gasoline prices in the state.

KABC TV-7: Refiners Receive Subpoenas Regarding Gas Price Manipulation

Jamie Court responded to news that refiners in California had received subpoenas from the California Attorney General regarding gas prices in the state.

KNBC TV-4: Consumer Watchdog Responds to Subpoenas Delivered to Oil Refiners

Consumer Watchdog responded to breaking news that refiners in California had been given subpoenas by the California Attorney General regarding possible gas price manipulation.

KCAL TV-9: California Attorney General Subpoenas Oil Refiners

Consumer Watchdog applauds subpoenas to oil companies regarding gas price manipulation, calls for continued investigation.


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