Xavier De Leon

Xavier De Leon is one of the youngest members of our team who has worked hard to advocate for others while trying to rebuild a life for himself. Xavier was 22 years old when he became a father. What should have been the happiest day of his life ended tragically when his newborn son Malakhi died 18 hours after a postmortem c-section. Xavier’s fiancée, Demi, died because of undiagnosed preeclampsia. Malakhi suffered medical negligence with his mother and independently. Upon his birth and resuscitation, he was not immediately given the medication necessary to treat his respiratory distress syndrome, his umbilical cord catheter was inserted incorrectly twice, and the hospital took almost 13 hours to airlift him to a hospital with the resources needed to save his life

Although Xavier held both his fiancée and his son as they died in his arms within an 18-hour period, he found the inner strength to step forward as a valued member of our advocacy team. Xavier has testified at every meeting of both the Medical Board of California and the Osteopathic Medical Board of California. He has also joined our team in testifying before legislative committee hearings and sunset reviews. Xavier’s focuses his advocacy on medical board reform, maternal mortality, infant mortality, and educating his community of the importance of advocacy. He resides in Bakersfield.

Xavier De Leon

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