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    California Supreme Court Rules Insurers Are Not Immune To Lawsuits Over Excessive Insurance Costs

    By Lyle Adriano, INSURANCE BUSINESS AMERICA March 23, 2021 The California Supreme Court has ruled that insurance companies cannot avoid lawsuits filed by consumers over excessive title insurance costs – a ruling which could set an important precedent for all...

    Supreme Court Confirms Right to Sue Insurance Companies for Overcharges

    Decision Rebuffs Industry Arguments Against Proposition 103 Enforcement Rights Los Angeles, CA -- In a decision that will likely affect California motorists, homeowners, small businesses and even medical providers, the California Supreme Court has ruled that insurance companies are...

    Property Owners May Sue Over Title Insurance Technicality. 500,000 Customers Affected

    By Bob Egelko, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE March 19, 2021 Property owners can sue title insurers who charged them rates without first filing them with the state insurance commissioner, the state Supreme Court ruled Thursday in a case that could affect...

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