Tracy Dominguez

Tracy Dominguez reached out to us in 2020 and started a wave of maternal mortality advocacy. Tracy is committed to improving the maternal mortality rate in the Central Valley and throughout California following the death of her daughter Demi Dominguez and her grandson Malakhi De Leon. Demi and Malakhi’s tragic passings really speak to the foundation of why we are focused on medical board reform. In her 36th week of pregnancy, Demi suffered extreme signs of preeclampsia that were ignored by two doctors. Both doctors involved were responsible for harming multiple mothers and babies in Bakersfield, but one doctor in particular was a repeat offender with a 25-year history of harm which included a long list of mothers and babies who had died while under his care.

Tracy has committed herself to medical board reform with the Medical Board of California and the Osteopathic Medical Board of California. She has testified at every meeting of both boards, at legislative committee hearings, and sunset reviews. Tracy focuses her advocacy on medical board reform, maternal mortality, and advocacy education for young mothers. She resides in Bakersfield.

Tracy Dominguez

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