Tammy Smick

Tammy Smick joined our advocacy team following the tragic death of her son Alex due to medical negligence. Following a skateboarding accident, Alex endured a stress fracture to his back and five bulging discs. Instead of proceeding with surgery, his doctors chose pain management. Alex advocated for himself continuing to request surgery, but his doctors instead prescribed morphine tablets. Concerned for his wellbeing, Alex drove himself to a hospital. He was referred to a hospital where he would receive alternative pain treatment but instead, he was given a toxic cocktail of medications.

Alex sought help but tragically died from an overdose of medication administered to him. Since Alex’s tragic death, Tammy has represented parents across the state raising awareness about medical negligence. Tammy has testified before medical board meetings, legislative committee hearings, and sunset review hearings. She is a board member with Consumer Watchdog and resides in Downey.

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