Holding Big Oil Accountable

CalGEM Continues 2023 Oil Permit Approvals in Vulnerable Communities, Works Against Legislation Raising Billions in Oil Bonding to Plug Unproductive Wells; Newsom Must Ignore...

Los Angeles, CA—The state’s oil and gas regulator CalGEM has gone rogue, approving hundreds of oil permits this year in vulnerable communities breathing poisonous emissions from both active and...

KCAL-LA – Los Angeles, CA: Gas Prices Skyrocketing

Oil companies have doubled profits this year from 66 cents a gallon to $1.20 a gallon, and the only way to stop it is if we institute a price penalty.

California Oil Regulators Continue Issuing Permits In Q2 To Rework Leaky, Unproductive Wells; Should Order Plugging Instead, Advocates Say

Los Angeles, CA—The total number of oil drilling permits issued blew past 15,000 since Governor Newsom took office in 2019, while nearly all permits issued in the first six...

CA Anti-Gouging Law Has Led To Lower Gasoline Prices, Consumer Watchdog Finds

Los Angeles, CA—California gasoline prices have dropped significantly and stabilized relative to national gas prices in the wake of the Governor’s call, and enactment of, California’s anti-gouging law, according...

KNX-AM (Radio) – Los Angeles, CA: A New Independent Body Called the Division of Petroleum Market Oversight

By Staff Reporters, KNX – Los Angeles, CA Click below to listen to the audio of this radio broadcast segment.

CBS 8 – Los Angeles, CA: What You Need to Know About Gas Prices

Jamie Court says CA Gas prices have been as low as 86 cents compared to U.S. gas prices.

The Orange County Register – The Compost: Big Oil Just Scored a Big Win in The California Legislature

By Brooke Staggs, THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER https://www.ocregister.com/2023/05/30/the-compost-big-oil-just-scored-a-big-win-in-the-california-legislature/ The photo above captures a scenario that would be illegal in some states.  California is unique among major oil-producing states in having no minimum...

Senator Portantino, Shame on You

California State Senator Anthony Portantino abused his power to side with oil drillers and threaten the public’s health. He prevented a vote on a key bill to hold oil drillers accountable. Shame on you, Senator Portantino.

Bakersfield.com – Study on Oil Field Buffers IDs Surprising Tradeoffs

By John Cox, BAKERSFIELD.COM https://www.bakersfield.com/news/study-on-oilfield-buffers-ids-surprising-tradeoffs/article_463c9044-f744-11ed-ad66-ff21db16715a.html A policy study published last week concludes California can best advance its oil supply-related climate goals by resuming and possibly expanding the disputed oilfield buffer zones...

The Washington Post – California Lawmakers Block Bill Allowing People to Sue Oil Companies Over Health Problems

By Sophie Austin, ASSOCIATED PRESS https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2023/05/18/california-legislature-oil-well-lawsuits/f33826b6-f5d0-11ed-918d-012572d64930_story.html SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California lawmakers blocked two big environmental bills Thursday, one that would have ramped up the state’s emissions targets and another that would...

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