Naomi Sweatt

Naomi Sweatt joined our team following the death of her sister Sabrina De La Rosa from maternal negligence. Days before Naomi’s sister died, she saw her OB for an office visit and again for an ultrasound. The following day, she presented to the hospital in extreme pain. She was told that she was not ready to deliver and was sent home. Still in pain, she went back to the hospital for a second time on that day. She was given Fentanyl twice and collapsed. Her baby boy survived but tragically Sabrina passed away.

Having lost her sister, Naomi chose to step forward and join our team to become a voice for her sister and all the young mothers who have died in the Central Valley due to maternal negligence. Naomi focuses her advocacy on medical board reform, maternal mortality, and educating her community on advocacy. She resides in San Diego.

Naomi Sweatt

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