Monique Himes

Monique Himes joined our advocacy team following the tragic death of her grandson Malakhi De Leon. Monique joins her son Xavier as a powerful mother and son duo that is committed to fighting for the rights of babies in the regulatory board process and educating their community on the maternal mortality crisis in the Central Valley. Monique was at her grandson’s bedside in the NICU and watched him experience a cascade of errors for the 13 hours it took the hospital to airlift him to a children’s hospital with the resources needed to save his life. Unfortunately, every second counted and by the time that Malakhi reached the hospital it was too late.

Malakhi may have only lived for 18 hours but his brief life has moved two families to advocate for the rights of babies. Monique has testified at Medical Board meetings and Osteopathic Medical Board meetings. She has testified at legislative committee hearings and sunset review oversight hearings. Monique’s advocacy focus is on medical board reform, maternal mortality, infant mortality, and advocacy awareness. She resides in Arvin.

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