Medical Malpractice Story Library

After two children are killed by a driver high on opiates, it is revealed that Kaiser is responsible for endemic overprescription with no safeguards to keep addicts from doctor shopping 

Troy and Alana Pack – Danville, CA

After Being Denied an $800 CAT Scan by Doctor, Boy is Blind and Brain Damaged

Steven Olsen – Chula Vista, California



Infant suffers from whooping cough during epidemic. But after a series of hospital visits doctors refuse to run tests that would have uncovered the illness leading to her death.

Mia Chavez – La Puente, CA


A little boy's botched heart surgery leads to permanent brain damage.

Angel Villalobos – Los Angeles, CA



After long treatments with opioids, young man seeks relief from addiction from doctors. But after a mix up in medications, doctors overprescribe and kill.

Alex Smick – Downey, CA


Doctor's Failure To Provide Post-Operative Care Allowed Infection To Spread; Causing Woman To Lose Limbs 

Annette Ramirez – Los Angeles, CA




Once a woman is rushed to the hospital with diverticulitis, she sustains a laceration on her artery, leading to her death.  But her low income status ensures her family will not be compensated for this injustice.

Daphne McClendon-Ricks – Fresno, CA



A toddler shows signs of a congenital heart disease and signs of high blood pressure. But when going into surgery the Doctor ignores the elevated risks and installs a device that malfunctions, leading to her premature death

Morgan Westhoff – Danville, CA


Botched surgery leaves nurse disabled.

Dana Stinson – Seal Beach, CA




After a man contracts MRSA from his son, doctors misdiagnose him after multiple visits.  The end result? The amputation of his limbs.

Robert Downey – San Diego, CA



A man is hospitalized with a pulmonary embolism. And after three doctors fail to treat him, a cardiologist gives his heart a stress test, killing him.

Stephen Schaak – Los Angeles, CA



After the discovery of a potentially cancerous cyst, the hospital fails to follow up with a southern California woman, leading to her death.

Shanna Alvarado – Los Angeles, CA



An old Chaplain is misdiagnosed with a urinary tract infection, but when a blood test reveals a much more serious infection, the hospital fails to notify him or his family.

Rabbi Aaron Gottesman – San Diego, CA


A Man is misdiagnosed with influensa, leaving his sepsis untreated, leading to the loss of his limbs.

Mario Guzman – Santa Clara, CA



Woman goes in for surgery for knee replacements.  After the operation, she complains of intense abdominal pain.  After doctors ignore her pleas for help, she dies of a twisted intestine.

Diane Stewart – Santa Cruz, CA


After a long wait in the emergency room, a little girl's condition continues to deteriorate. Because of the long delay, the girl's limbs are amputated.

Malyia Jeffers – Sacramento, CA



Elderly man admitted to a hospital for back pain and immediately given a coctail of antipsychotic drugs leading to dementia and death.

Dr. Keith Blaire – La Mesa, CA



Man's knee surgery goes awry when surgeons fail to sterilize equipment, leading to additional surgeries, a knee replacement, and a lifetime of limited mobility.

Charles Blevins – Pismo Beach, CA


Elderly Woman enters hospital for enchephalitis hospital gives but when her doctors gove her a coctail of dangerous drugs she almost dies.

Pauline Tavares – Los Angeles, CA



After a cheerleading accident, a little girl sustains a head injury.  but the extent of her brain bleed goes unnoticed by doctors.  The result? Permanent brain damage.

Elizabeth Nicks – Redando Beach, CA


A botched heart surgery leads to gangrene and amputation, permanently limiting a woman and her quality of life.

Patricia Roland – Thousand Oaks, CA



A mentally disabled woman goes into a hospital for abdomen pain.  But a failure to diagnose sepsis, a dangerous coctail of drugs, and a nonexistent "Do Not Resuscitate" order leads to her death.

Cali Andrist – Burbank, CA



Intense stomach pains forces man to go to the hospital but after neglect from doctors he dies of a bowel infection.

Doug Shulby – Los Angeles, CA



A resident cuts off air to the brain causing traumatic brain injury, but the hospital staff lies to the patient's family for months

John Ritchie – Los Angeles, CA



A routine surgery turns into a tragedy after doctors overprescribe opioids to 11-year-old girl.

Leah Coufal – Los Angeles, CA



16-month-old goes into surgery; doctors ignore signs of medical errors leading to her death.

Delaney Gonzalez – Los Angeles, CA



While waiting for an operation, a teenager is killed after two hospital staffers, unauthorized to help patients without supervision, botch pre-op care.

Olivia Cull – Los Angeles, CA


After a surfboarding accident, a doctor fails to run an X-ray leading to a man's death by brain hemorrhage.

Paul Ethier – Half Moon Bay, CA



Negligence at every step of the way leads to the death of an infant during delivery.

Zachary Diecker – Los Angeles, CA



Inadequate post-op care leads to woman's asphyxiation and death

Tamara Walter – Long Beach, CA




A simple toe fracture turns into a serious medical issue after an irresponsible surgery and overprescription

Tom McLennan – Carmichael, CA



A young musician went into open heart surgery for a valve replacement, but after being placed incorrectly he died of complications

Anthony Fossett – Berkeley, CA


After a Series of medical errors, from poor cleanliness practices to forgetting to feed patients, lead to the death of a three-year-old.

Nora Bostrom – Palo Alto, CA



After surgery removing stints in an attempt to relieve pressure after a long battle with a rare illness, physicians forget to monitor a young woman's head pressure leading to her death.

Brittany Wilkinson – Fresno, CA



After suffering migraines, a woman goes into a risky invasive surgery without being prepped on the risks.  Due to negligence, she suffers from a stroke and dies from complications.

Robyn Frankel – Menlo Park, CA



Doctors fail to inform a woman of a much needed vaccine after surgery leading to the amputation of fingers, toes, and feet.

Janet Garner – Signal Hill, CA



After a failure to run a blood test during chemotherapy, 20-year-old Shawn Rial dies of an infection, his immune system too weak to fight it.

Shawn Rial – Dana Point, CA



Doctor ignored ever frequent contractions from overdue expecting mother.  After being sent home numerous times, her daughter is stillborn. 

Lehna Brewer – Washington DC




Girl is misdiagnosed as having the flu, so her pneumonia goes untreated, leading to her death

Daniela Zelig – Woodland Hills, CA



Woman goes in for abdominal surgery and contracts a flesh eating disease, exacerbated by a negligent doctor

Alicia Cole – LA, CA



Failure To Run Simple Tests By Doctors Contributes to Death Of Woman
Anh Kim Goodson – Castro Valley, CA



Another Preventable Death That Was Caused By A Negligent Doctor
Lloyd Monserrat – Harbor City, CA



Elderly Woman Left Permanently Disabled by Negligent Doctor, Lawyer Husband Knew the Law Was Stacked Against Them
Sally and Hal Hunter, Pasadena, CA



A Death Sentence Through Medical Carelessness
Mara Douglas – Bonita, CA



A Child Lost to Dithering and Denial
Quin Murphy – Chula Vista, CA




In California, Surgeons and Alcohol Do Mix

Tina Minasian – Sacramento, CA

The Preventable Loss Of Our Son Adam
Adam Glover – Los Gatos, CA



Parents of 7-Year-Old Fight For Justice
Jessie Geyer – Antioch, CA



15 Years of Physicians' Lies Uncovered
Janet Mitchell – Orange, CA



Critical Blood Test Ignored in Emergency Room, Husband and Father Dies
John Enzenauer – El Sobrante, California



Legal, Medical Help Scarce As Teacher Fights For Normal Life
Bobbie Jenke – Santa Rosa, California



Doctors Fail to Do Simple Blood Test, Man Loses Leg
Gary Rushford – San Jose, California



Man With Wrong Kidney Removed Denied Adequate Compensation
Harry Jordan – Long Beach, California





Blind in One Eye Because of Medical Negligence, Man Has No Legal Recourse
Bill Mitchell – San Diego, California



HMO Negligence Takes Life of Medicare Patient, Malpractice Cap Prevents Family From Redress In Court
Ruth MacInnes – San Diego, California



Husband Died Due To Hospital's Gross Negligence, Wife Left Without Representation
Raymond Williams – Sacramento, California



Doctor Fails to Recognize Life-Threatening Heart Condition, Son Dies While Training for Marathon
Kenneth Evan Kennedy – San Francisco, California



Woman's Plastic Surgery Botched – Surgeon Had 24 Previous Lawsuits Filed
Kay Marchioni – Chicago, Illinois



Woman, Denied Representation, Lives Life of Constant Pain
Cynthia Smith – Concord, California

Family Denied Compensation Upon Wife & Mother's Death
Janet Warren – Los Angeles, California

Damage Cap Keeps Malpractice Victim Out of Court
Patricia Filaseta – Los Angeles, California