KERO-BFL (ABC) – Bakersfield, CA; Oil Drilling Near Homes Can Cause Health and Safety Concerns

Liza Tucker says despite the senate bill 1137 being put on hold, she believes the state's geologic energy management division can still deny these approvals.

KNBC-LA (NBC) – Los Angeles, CA; Consumer Watchdog’s Liza Tucker Speaks of New Concerns With Santa Susana Field Lab Clean Up

Consumer Watchdog's Energy Advocate, Liza Tucker, explains how Boeing's Santa Susana field lab just northeast of Los Angeles poses potential health risks to people nearby.

CNBC – Jamie Court Speaks About The Bill That Would Penalize Oil Refineries For Price Gouging

The bill would give Californians the ability to set a penalty level in which the oil refineries would pay a penalty for making too much off their per-gallon profits, the gross refining margin.

KXTV-SAC (ABC) – Sacramento, CA; Governor Gavin Newsom Announced A New Deal With Lawmakers To Take On Big Oil

President of Consumer Watchdog, Jamie Court, speaks about Governor Gavin Newsom's deal with the legislature to enact a price gouging penalty on big oil companies.

KFMB CW – San Diego, CA; Oil Companies Need to be Held Accountable for High Gas Prices

Jamie Court keeps pushing to penalize oil companies for gas gouging

KGTV(ABC) – San Diego, CA; Jamie Court Will Testify at the Price Gouging Hearing for Rising Gas Prices

Jamie Court says hearings like these matter because gas is not a luxury to that people can choose to go without.

Spectrum News 1 – Los Angeles, CA; SoCal Gas Is Blaming Price Hikes On A Cold Snap

Jamie Court, President of Consumer Watchdog, explains why the recent SoCal Gas price hikes don't just boil down to cold weather.

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