Annette Ramirez

Annette Ramirez joined our team after enduring serious bodily injury and lifelong harm following a hysterectomy. During the procedure, the surgeon nicked her bowel leaving her with a life-threatening surgical site infection. Annette began to experience complications and could sense something was wrong, but her doctors waited to treat her infection leaving her with sepsis and fighting for her life. In order to save her life, the doctors had to amputate all four of her limbs.

Although Annette has spent years in physical therapy and building a new life for her and her family, she still chose to courageously step forward as an advocate to help bring awareness to medical negligence for other families. Annette has joined our team to testify at medical board meetings, legislative hearings, and sunset review hearings. Annette focuses her advocacy on medical board reform, sepsis awareness, and companion and service dog awareness along with her service dog Patch. She resides in Manhattan Beach.

Annette Ramirez

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