About Prop 33 – The Auto Insurance Deception Act of 2012

Proposition 33 is a deceptive proposition bankrolled by $16 million from one insurance company billionaire that would roll back consumer protection laws that have protected Californians for 24 years.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because Prop 33 is almost exactly the same as a proposition that California voters already rejected in 2010, Prop 17.

Prop 33 lets insurance companies raise car insurance rates on good drivers who have a break in insurance coverage for almost any reason, even if they weren’t driving and even if they didn’t have a car.

Voters outlawed this practice in 1988 because it’s not fair to punish people with higher rates just because they gave up driving for awhile.

George Joseph, the billionaire chairman of Mercury Insurance, has spent $16 million to pass this measure. The question for voters is: When was the last time an insurance billionaire spent millions of dollars to save you money?


Who does Prop 33 target? People who stop driving for good reasons will be slammed with a surcharge of up to $1000 if Prop 33 passes:

  1. Mass Transit Riders who take public transportation and don’t have a car, but then move and need a car
  2. Injured Military Members and Veterans who spend months or years recovering from injuries incurred in the line of duty and are finally able to drive again
  3. Recent College Graduates who didn’t need a car in school but now need one to get to their new job
  4. Foreign Service Workers who put themselves in harms way across the world to serve our Country
  5. The Long-term Unemployed who give up driving because they can’t afford to pay while looking for a job
  6. New Drivers who already pay more because they don’t have driving experience, but will be hit with an extra surcharge by Prop 33.

Prop 33 is another deceptive insurance industry trick to buy the vote, and overturn consumer protections that have saved California drivers over $62 million.

For more information on the StopProp33 campaign visit us at StopProp33.ConsumerWatchdogCampaign.org or contact us at [email protected]