Are you one of the May Million too?

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My name is Laurel Kaufer and I’m a Consumer Watchdog member. I am also one of the one million Californians who will be hit with a health insurance rate hike on May 1st.

Are you one of the May Million facing rate hikes of up to 20%?

As a self-employed, single mom, I’ve struggled for more than a decade to balance the cost of health care with the need to seek medical help for my family. My premium has tripled in the last decade, and on May 1 the price of my health insurance will go up by 16% to $729 a month. Add in my sons' coverage and I pay $1136 every month.

If I have to get pre-approval from my insurance company every time I want my health care paid for, shouldn’t they have to get approval when they want me to pay more?

Consumer Watchdog has proposed a ballot initiative that will end the days of insurance companies setting prices behind closed doors with no accountability. To help us reach the ballot, all you have to do is download, sign and return the official ballot petition today.

Join me and 450,000 of your fellow Californians who have already signed the petition to prevent the next outrageous rate hike for the May Million.

Please download and sign the petition today to end out-of-control health insurance prices.

For more information, visit the initiative website at

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