Jamie Court

Consumer Watchdog’s President and Chairman of the Board is an award-winning and nationally recognized consumer advocate.  Capitol Weekly, naming Jamie to its  “Top 100” list of unelected movers and shakers in California politics, wrote, “Court has made a career of battling all comers in the interest of the public, and his take-no-prisoners approach has earned him plenty of enemies.”

Jamie’s latest book is The Progressive’s Guide To Raising Hell: How To Win Grassroots Campaigns, Pass Ballot Box Laws And Get The Change You Voted For (Chelsea Green, 2010). “Americans angry about the state of their government might find in Court’s persuasive manifesto a cause for action,” Publishers Weekly writes. “With great accessibility and a fired-up attitude, Court brings his lessons in empowerment to the people.” He is also the author of Corporateering: How Corporate Power Steals Your Freedom And What You Can Do About It (Tarcher Putnam, 2003) and co-author of Making A Killing: HMOs and the Threat To Your Health (Common Courage Press, 1999).

Jamie has led dozens of major corporate and political campaigns to reform insurers, banks, technology companies, oil companies, utilities and political practices. He helped to pioneer the HMO patients’ rights movement in the United States, sponsoring successful laws in California and aiding them elsewhere, and was an early champion of many of the most important consumer protections in the federal Affordable Care Act years before they were enacted.  He authored the health insurance rate regulation reform Proposition 45 on the November 2014 California ballot.

A frequent media commentator and op-ed contributor, Jamie is a high-profile and stalwart defender of consumers’ rights.  The Los Angeles Times calls him “a tireless consumer advocate.” The Wall Street Journal writes, “He’s notorious for his dramatic, sharp-tongued attacks on the health- and auto-insurance industries, and on any politician who takes their campaign cash.”

His public interest career began as an advocate for the homeless and as a community organizer.  Jamie’s Alma mater is Pomona College, where he graduated with a BA in History in 1989.

Jamie Court
(Photo Courtesy of Consumer Watchdog)

Spectrum News 1 (San Fernando Valley) – Los Angeles, CA: Controversy Over Gas Storage Facility

Jamie Court states that data shows that daily balancing which means using the gas is already in our pipeline is more beneficial.

Insurance Lobbyist Caught On Tape Bragging And Joking About End of Legislative Session “Surprise” To Jam Consumers For Bailout

Sacramento, CA -- A 17 year veteran insurance industry lobbyist, Michael Gunning, now chief strategy officer for Lighthouse Public Affairs, was taped on a...

KFMB-SD (CBS) – San Diego, CA: Gas Tax Increase Takes Effect July 1st

Jamie Court says $0.03 cents isn't going to matter particularly when it's funding the roads rather than funding the oil refiners.

CA Anti-Gouging Law Has Led To Lower Gasoline Prices, Consumer Watchdog Finds

Los Angeles, CA—California gasoline prices have dropped significantly and stabilized relative to national gas prices in the wake of the Governor’s call, and enactment...

CBS 8 – Los Angeles, CA: What You Need to Know About Gas Prices

Jamie Court says CA Gas prices have been as low as 86 cents compared to U.S. gas prices.

SF BottleBank Pilot To Refund CRV Bottle Deposits A Bust; Coalition Gives CalRecyle Checklist for Reform 

Los Angeles, CA—The San Francisco BottleBank bottle deposit return  pilot featuring trucks rotating between supermarket parking lots has burned through over $3.6 million in...

KCBS- Los Angeles, CA: CBS Investigation Found 40% of Lights are Out on LA Freeways From Vandalism

Consumer Watchdog says caltrans should be using our gas tax money to make the roads safer by fixing the lighting.

KGO-SF (ABC) – San Francisco, CA: BottleBank Update, Is It Really Effective?

Jamie Court says while the numbers sound great, it's a complete bust.


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