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LOS ANGELES, CA — Aug. 16 – PRNewswire — Secretary of State Madeleine Albright today endorsed Proposition 87 because it will reduce the nation’s use of foreign oil.

“A great deal of the oil we use often comes from some of the more dangerous places in the world. Our dependence on oil can expose us to national security, economic, and environmental threats,” Secretary Albright said. “As California goes, so does the nation. Prop 87 will help drive our nation away from the pollution, economic stagnation and foreign entanglements our oil addiction creates.”

Proposition 87 will reduce our use of foreign oil and increase the use of domestic fuel sources. Proposition 87 will not increase gas prices or reduce oil production. That has been proven in Alaska, Louisiana, Texas and every other oil producing state in the nation, which have for decades charged drilling fees similar to the one called for by Prop 87. Prop 87 is a $4 billion effort to reduce California’s dependence on gasoline and diesel by 25% over the next 10 years. The effort will be funded by oil drilling fees paid by oil companies.

Prop 87 makes oil companies pay — not consumers. According to California’s Attorney General, Prop 87 makes it illegal for oil companies to raise gas prices to pass the cost on to us. The U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled that states can prohibit oil companies from passing fees like this on to consumers.

In Louisiana, Alaska and even Texas, oil companies pay billions in oil drilling fees. But in California, they pay almost nothing. In fact, oil companies pay drilling fees in every other oil producing state. California takes in more revenue from hunting and fishing licenses than it does from oil drilling fees. Prop 87 makes oil companies pay their fair share so we can use cheaper, cleaner energy and reduce air pollution that causes asthma, lung disease and cancer. Secretary Albright also served as ambassador to the United Nations and as a member of the National Security Council. Prop 87 is supported by the American Lung Association of California, the Coalition for Clean Air, the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, Nobel Prize laureates and environmental, local government and public health organizations.

Yes on 87, Californians for Clean Alternative Energy, a coalition of consumer
advocates, public health and environmental organizations, scientists and business leaders.
P.O. Box 67205
Los Angeles, CA 90067
phone: 323.782.1045   fax: 323.782.1035

CONTACT: Beth Willon of Yes on 87, cell, 310-614-2418, or work, 323-782-1045
SOURCE: Yes on 87

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