Nunez Lands Paid Position on Insurance Company Board

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Former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez will take a seat on the board of one the state’s largest workers comp insurers, Zenith National. Nunez played a major role in passing workers comp reforms that critics say benefited insurance companies. KPBS Reporter Kenny Goldberg has more.

Kenny Goldberg:  Fabian Nunez helped push Governor Schwarzenegger’s workers comp reforms through the legislature in 2004. The changes resulted in lower premiums for employers, but also greatly reduced benefits to injured workers.  
Jamie Court is with the non-profit Consumer Watchdog. He thinks Nunez has no business being on the board of a workers comp insurer.
Jamie Court:  I think he’s not recognizing that he was a public servant, until this week, and you know, I think you need to have a certain sense of propriety. And there is obviously an appearance of a conflict of interest here. Whether you believe there is or isn’t.
Nunez says he’s in the private sector now. And he makes no apologies for joining Zenith National’s board.

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