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During his State of the State
speech, Governor Schwarzenegger reminded the legislature that if he
could sell the movie Red Sonja he could sell anything. Lately, Arnold
has used his star power and California’s prestige in order to sell
products, rather than California, one too many times.

ArnoldWatch has learned that the governor plans to appear tomorrow
morning at the "Dole Wellbeing Center Groundbreaking" at Dole Foods’
worldwide headquarters in Westlake Village. Dole Foods, and its
mega-developer spin-off Castle & Cooke, have given Arnold’s myriad
campaigns $350,000. His appearance is little more than an Arnold
endorsement of Dole Foods, for just $350K an hour.

Arnold spent last weekend at the Arnold Classic, lending his name and
now California’s to the annual bodybuilding extravaganza. He accepted a
side job as executive editor of two fitness magazines and lent the
title "Governor of California" to the magazines’ future success.

Though all publicity may be good publicity when you’re pitching a
movie, the same rules don’t apply when you’re governing a state.

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