Corporate Profit vs. City Freedom

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ABC-TV7 – San Francisco Bay Area

FTCR announced this week that San Francisco tops the list of the six cities it examined in its “Corporateering Quotient” for curbing corporate cultural power.

Watch ABC7’s coverage of this week’s press conference here:
Today a prominent consumer group rated cities. So what have the governments done to contain corporate power?

Jamie Court, consumer activist: “Industries, probably every major American industry has rated cities for the past many years for how friendly they are to corporations. We never grade corporations for how friendly they are to society.”

Until now.

Corporate critic and author of “Corporateering,” Jamie Court announced a report card showing how well cities place societal interests and individual freedoms above corporate profit.

Jamie Court, consumer activist: “The free market is not a free society. That’s what the point is. There is a distinction between a free society and a free market.”

The foundation looked at a variety of areas, including advertising in schools, the use of public places for corporate gain, media independence, and whistle blower protection.

Jamie Court, consumer activist: “I’m pleased to say San Francisco comes out on top. Of the six cities we looked at, San Francisco is best at putting limits on corporteers. Those in industry who put their commercial gain over the gain of individuals and society in these areas.”

Among the cities rated were Seattle and Washington, D.C.

For a complete look at the report card visit

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