Legal Victories

  • Saving Californians over $1.7 billion on their auto, home and earthquake insurance premiums by challenging excessive rate increases at the California Department of Insurance.
  • Forcing two insurance companies that illegally overcharged consumers to pay back over $23 million in refunds to motorists.
  • Winning reimbursement from Blue Cross after it illegally rescinded a policyholder's coverage after he got sick.
  • Getting Apple to pay for defectively designed iPod Nanos. UPDATE: Investigations continue into Texas lawyer who is holding up refunds.
  • Obtaining $1.2 million in refunds and a $2 million fine paid by Farmers Insurance for penalizing homeowners who filed claims under their insurance policy.
  • Blocking legislation to repeal parts of Proposition 103, the insurance reform law approved by California voters in 1988.
  • Vindicating the right of consumers to go to court against an insurance company – in this case, Mercury Insurance Company – that violated insurance reform Proposition 103, and later challenging an inadequate settlement of the class action lawsuit against it. UPDATE: Class members must redeem coupons by April 2010. More >>