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Consumer Watchdog's attorneys advocate for consumers' rights and seek to hold corporations and government officials accountable in the courts and before regulatory agencies. Through legal and regulatory actions, Consumer Watchdog has changed corporate behavior and returned billions of dollars to millions of Americans.

If you want to let us know about a company that is ripping you off, file a consumer complaint.

Click on the folders below to learn more about the types of cases Consumer Watchdog takes on:

 vs. Insurance CompaniesEvery day, Consumer Watchdog attorneys battle insurance companies who overburden consumers with illegal overcharges, excessive rate hikes, and other abusive insurance practices that are prohibited under insurance reform Proposition 103.

vs. Health InsurersHealth insurers routinely treat consumers unjustly in order to turn a bigger profit. Consumer Watchdog has stood up to health insurers and the Dep't of Managed Health Care by representing patients on issues ranging from autism treatment to the controversial practice of rescission – the retroactive cancellation of insurance when a patient gets sick.

Complaints from cellular consumers regarding billing errors, poor service, and unfair termination charges rank among the most numerous of the thousands of complaints Consumer Watchdog receives through its web site. Because cell phones are not subject to regulation, Consumer Watchdog's Litigation Project has stepped into the fray to defend the public.

vs. Retail ScamsThe unscrupulous businesses that utilize fine print traps and other tricks in order to gouge consumers are counting on consumers failing to hold them accountable for their unfair business practices. Consumer Watchdog’s attorneys are taking on the merchants who mislead consumers, those who deceive consumers in order to make an inordinate profit.

Our victories include:

  • Saving Californians over $1.7 billion on their auto, home and earthquake insurance premiums by challenging excessive rate increases at the California Department of Insurance.


  • Forcing two insurance companies that illegally overcharged consumers to pay back over $23 million in refunds to motorists.


  • Winning reimbursement from Blue Cross after it illegally rescinded a policyholder's coverage after he got sick.


  • Getting Apple to pay for defectively designed iPod Nanos. UPDATE: Investigations continue into Texas lawyer who is holding up refunds.


  • Obtaining $1.2 million in refunds and a $2 million fine paid by Farmers Insurance for penalizing homeowners who filed claims under their insurance policy.


  • Blocking legislation to repeal parts of Proposition 103, the insurance reform law approved by California voters in 1988.


  • Vindicating the right of consumers to go to court against an insurance company – in this case, Mercury Insurance Company – that violated insurance reform Proposition 103, and later challenging an inadequate settlement of the class action lawsuit against it. UPDATE: Class members must redeem coupons by April 2010.


We are currently prosecuting several important consumer protection lawsuits, including:

  • A suit against the Schwarzenegger Administration for authorizing HMOs to cease providing special treatment to autistic children. More >>


  • A California class action lawsuit against DirecTv for charging customers hundreds of dollars in undisclosed “early cancellation fees” when they had to cancel service even if the DirecTv equipment stopped working or the consumer could not get the satellite service. UPDATE: Consumer Watchdog seeks injunction against DirecTv for taking fees out of customer checking accounts without permission. More >>


  • A nationwide class action brought against AT&T and Cingular for improper charges, unfair practices and degraded service in the wake of the 2004 merger of the two cell phone companies. UPDATE: AT&T tells U.S. Court of Appeal its customers have no right to sue.


  • A California action against Safeco Insurance for illegally and surreptitiously surcharging customers who had a lapse in insurance coverage or were previously uninsured.


  • An administrative lawsuit against Mercury Insurance Company for overcharging motorists for auto insurance.More >>


  • A lawsuit against Cingular (now AT&T) for promising customers rebates for cell phone purchases, but instead sending them "rewards cards" that are not the same as cash. More >>


Our non-profit mission is to protect the public against corporate abuse and governmental corruption through public education and litigation. We fight to win justice for those we represent and the public at large.

If you want to let us know about a company that is ripping you off, file a consumer complaint.

If you are an attorney seeking information or assistance, please contact our litigation department. (Consumers or whistleblowers who need help or want to let us know about a problem should submit a consumer complaint or email [email protected].)