Tonight’s Election Brought to You By…

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Taxpayers will pick up the $80
million tab for the extra election that Arnold will announce tonight.
But the real sponsors of Arnold’s election are the corporate heavy
hitters who have plunked down millions to produce Arnold’s come-back
show. Here’s some of how they’ll appear in the next six months:

From now on all campaign rallies will begin with a "Go Team Arnold"
cheer from the San Diego Charger cheerleaders — brought to you by team
owner Alex Spanos, the Big A’s top donor with $2,114,700 delivered.

Silver chocolate coins will be handed out to children along the
campaign route courtesy of American Sterling Corporation ($686,200).

In a pitch for the redistricting initiative, Arnold will ride across
legislative boundaries on a William Robinson-bred Lusitano steed

Each budget reform ad will end with: "For all your budget needs, shop Target ($340,000) and vote Arnold."

One ad, with the theme of getting your fiscal house in order, will be
filmed outside of a William Lyons-built home ($716,200). In the ad,
Arnold will tout the importance of refinancing debt and remind
Californians that at Ameriquest Capital ($1,561,400) you can get a new
mortgage in minutes.

And at tonight’s announcement, rather than try to explain why he’s
wasting $80 million on this election, Arnold will simply urge
Californians to find out more on Fox News ($502,400), unless they speak
Spanish, in which case they should turn to Univision ($2,292,400).

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