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Labor rights advocates have
been scratching their heads at the case of the vanishing Internet
manual for "Enforcement Policies and Interpretations" at the website of
the Department of Industrial Relations’ Division of Labor Rights
Standard Enforcement.

Since taking office, Arnold has cleaned his virtual house of the
hundreds of pages posted as a practical guide for enforcing labor code
violations. The manual included sample letters from attorneys and the
public on how workers could deal practically with labor violations. It
answered questions like "if a bus driver ends his work day 50 miles
from where he began how much is the employer required to pay?"

Being pro-business is one thing. Taking away the public’s ability to
know how labor laws work is a bit Orwellian for a governor who pledged
at his inaugural that he would be "bringing openness and full
disclosure to public business."

Arnold, bring back the labor manual and let the public know
air-brushing labor rights out of your administration was an html error
not a purge.

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