Pricey campaigns & political rap

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Contra Costa Times (California)

Pricey campaigns:

OIL TAX INITIATIVE DRAWS SPENDING: More than $200 million has been spent on statewide election campaigns — and nearly half of that is on the oil tax initiative.

The lowdown: This comes as no surprise to anyone who owns a TV or radio. In fact, so much ad time has been bought to support and defeat Proposition 87, one pines for some good ole on-air candidate mudslinging. Almost.

Political rap:

PROPOSITION 89 HAS ITS OWN SONG: TV adds, radio spots, newspapers ads, campaign Web sites, forums, protests…

When it comes to getting their message out, the folks behind YesOn89 — the so-called Clean Money proposition — are thinking outside the box.

The boom box.

Supporters on Friday unveiled “About Time for 89,” a rap song written and performed by Collette Washington. A video and MP3 of the song can be downloaded at

Some sample lyrics:

Politicians and big money power,
Are tucked away in an ivory tower
Called the Capitol — they got it up for sale,
But they’re breakin’ the law and goin’ to jail.

Political corruption is on the rise,
Donations are comin’ in super-size.
Californians need a little bit of love,
But we can’t get in to the “Big Boys Club”

Proposition 89, pushed most prominently by California Nurses Association, would place restrictions on campaign donors and allow for publicly financed elections.

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