Northridge Quake Victims Call for Quackenbush’s Impeachment

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Rebuffed for 6 Years, Victims Speak Out About Quackenbush Scandal From Quake-Damaged Condominium Complex

Community Assisting Recovery (CARE)

Northridge, CA–Victims of the 1994 Northridge earthquake called for the impeachment of Insurance Commissioner Chuck Quackenbush today, in light of the growing insurance scandal. News reports have shown that Quackenbush diverted money from quake victims, who have not received full and fair settlements, to private foundations and other political organizations affiliated with the Commissioner. Quackenbush has ignored numerous requests by quake victims to meet with them and discuss their quake related insurance problems over the past six years.

“Where was Quackenbush when we needed him after the quake? He was in bed with the insurance companies,” said Sara Bacon, a Northridge quake victim and member of Community Assisting Recovery (CARe), a non-profit disaster recovery education group. “This growing scandal makes it very clear to us that the Legislature should impeach Chuck Quackenbush and remove him from office.”

The quake victims spoke from a quake damaged condominium complex that still has damage and unsettled claims from the Northridge disaster. Many quake victims continue to meet on a regular basis as part of their on-going effort to get their homes fixed and insurance claims paid.

“When greed takes the place of public safety and personal self-dealing overcomes public protection, then serious changes need to be made,” said George Kehrer, the Executive Director of CARe.

Last Thursday, the Assembly Insurance Committee held the first of a series of scheduled hearings to investigate the behavior of Commissioner Quackenbush. Also investigating the conduct of Mr. Quackenbush is the State Senate, the Attorney General and the Fair Political Practices Commission.


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