“Google Track Team” covers Washington DC during Schmidt’s hearing

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Here's a round-up of articles, quotes, pics and video of today's events around Washington DC covering our "Google Track Team", in town to draw attention to Google's creepy tracking and anti-trust behavior during Google CEO Eric Schmidt's testimony before Congress:

Consumer Watchdog's "Google Track Team" Visits The Capitol: VIDEO LINK

Watch our "Supercharged" video and join us in telling Google "Do Not Track Me": VIDEO LINK

Link to view pics of our "Google Track Team" in action!

Quote: Heard in the hallways of Dirksen Senate office building: “Have you been mimed?”

Articles covering today's Google Tracking events:

FORBES: "Google Gets Grief From Senators, Mimes, And An Ice Cream Truck"

CNET.COM: "Staffers in the U.S. Senate were spied on today–not by any one of our country's enemies. They were tailed by that most unholy of creatures: the mime."

THE GUARDIAN UK: "The mimes are silently tracking people just like Google does – geddit! And I thought only the French used mimes to make political points."

NATIONAL JOURNAL: "While talk is currency in Washington, Consumer Watchdog is taking the opposite tack by hiring people who don't talk to highlight the group's concerns over how Google collects information about Internet users."

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