EDITORIAL: Nov. 4 General Election Ballot Recommendations

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California Statewide Ballot Measures

Proposition 45—Healthcare Insurance. Rate changes, initiative statute. 

This initiative requires the State Insurance Commissioner to approve rates and policy changes set by health insurance providers before they can be passed on to consumers.

It will exempt large employers, but applies to the insurance provided to all other persons or groups.

This initiative attempts to duplicate the powers the Insurance Commissioner has for regulating auto insurance rates.

Today, Californian has lower insurance rates than they did 25 years ago. The same protection is needed for small groups and single plan healthcare insurance buyers.

Concerns have been raised that giving the insurance commissioner this power will set back negotiations between the state’s new insurance commission on behalf of Covered California Health Exchange and insurance providers, but we don’t see any reason why there cannot be cooperation between both bodies. We should remember, most Californians do not get their insurance through a Covered California plan, and they deserve to have someone looking out for them. —Vote Yes on Prop, 45.

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