Consumer Watchdog’s Legal Project Principles

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  1. The judicial branch is the only branch of government free of the powerful influence of special interests. Consumer Watchdog strongly supports the historic right of Americans to their day in court, to seek redress of injustice and to receive full compensation for their injuries.
  2. Consumer Watchdog Legal Project attorneys seek to bring cases in which the threat to consumers or taxpayers is significant, the impact of the litigation will benefit many people, and the courts or regulatory agencies are an appropriate forum to resolve the dispute.
  3. Consumer Watchdog Legal Project attorneys seek to stop corporate wrongdoing that harms a large number of consumers even when the impact on any one individual may be modest.
  4. Consumer Watchdog believes that the judicial process operates most effectively when it is conducted in the open and with the full scrutiny of the public. Therefore, Consumer Watchdog strenuously opposes efforts to make litigation actions confidential where it is unwarranted. Consumer Watchdog, when acting as a plaintiff in litigation, will not agree to secrecy agreements in which the details of the settlement of a case are not disclosed to the public.
  5. Consumer Watchdog is a non-profit organization, and the Legal Project's purpose in bringing litigation on behalf of the organization or the public is to achieve justice in accordance with the organization's mission. Therefore, Consumer Watchdog, when acting as a plaintiff, will settle a case only when it believes that the result furthers its mission.
Consumer Watchdog
Consumer Watchdog
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