Consumer Group Calls On Public To Stop Phillip Morris From Identity Theft

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Public Should Call All Tobacco Makers’ Products By Their Name

Santa Monica, CA — The public should respond to tobacco maker Phillip Morris‘s attempt to change its name to the Altria Group through an act of commercial disobedience –by calling the tobacco maker and its exhaustive product list by its old name, according to the nonprofit Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights.

Phillip Morris changed its name on the New York Stock Exchange today to Altria Group — a Latin derivation meaning “high” and suggesting high performance — in order to create an overall brand that distances itself from the smoke.

“This is the biggest identity theft in American history and the public should, through commercial disobedience, not allow this tobacco maker to forget its dirty past,” said Jamie Court, executive director of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights. “The public not only needs to call a death merchant a death merchant but also recognize the huge number of other products under the Phillip Morris brand in grocery stores across the nation. Big corporations often wear many faces to the public. This conceals their true power and reach, and it encourages illusions about how many good choices individuals really have.”

The following is a list of the products that the public should recognize as falling under Phillip Morris‘s brand identity.

Philip Morris Companies Inc.

($80.356 billion in 2000 revenues)

Sample of Philip Morris North American Products

TOBACCO Marlboro ‘ Virginia Slims ‘ Parliament ‘ Merit ‘ Benson & Hedges ‘ Basic ‘ L&M ‘ Chesterfield ‘ Lark ‘ Cambridge

BEER Miller Lite ‘ Miller Genuine Draft ‘ Miller Genuine Draft Light ‘ Miller High Life ‘ Miller High Life Light ‘ Milwaukee’s Best ‘ Milwaukee’s Best Light ‘ Icehouse ‘ Foster’s ‘ Red Dog ‘ Southpaw Light ‘ Leinenkugel’s ‘ Henry Weinhard’s ‘ Henry’s Hard Lemonade ‘ Hamm’s ‘ Mickey’s ‘ Old English 800 ‘ Magnum ‘ Presidente ‘ Sharp’s non-alcohol brew

CHEESE Athenos ‘ Cheese Whiz ‘ Churny ‘ Cracker Barrel ‘ Deli Delux ‘ DiGiorno ‘ Easy Cheese ‘ Hoffman’s ‘ Kraft ‘ Philadelphia ‘ Polly-O ‘ Velveeta

DAIRY PRODUCTS Breakstone’s sour cream, cottage cheese ‘ Knudsen sour cream, cottage cheese ‘ Kraft dips ‘ Light n’ Lively lowfat cottage cheese

MEALS Kraft macaroni & cheese and other dinners ‘ Minute ‘ Stove Top ‘ Taco Bell* ‘ Velveeta shells & cheese

ENHANCERS A.1. ‘ Bull’s-Eye ‘ Good Seasons ‘ Grey Poupon ‘ Kraft barbecue sauce, mayonnaise, salad dressings ‘ Miracle Whip ‘ Oven Fry ‘ Sauceworks ‘ Seven Seas ‘ Shake ‘N Bake

COOKIES & CRACKERS Better Cheddars ‘ Cheese Nips ‘ Chips Ahoy! ‘ Handi-Snacks ‘ Honey Maid ‘ Newtons ‘ Nilla ‘ Nutter Butter ‘ Oreo ‘ Premium ‘ Ritz ‘ SnackWell’s ‘ Stella D’oro ‘ Teddy Grahams ‘ Triscuit ‘ Wheat Thins

SNACKS Corn Nuts ‘ Planters ‘ Claussen


CONFECTIONERY Altoids ‘ Callard & Bowser ‘ Crème Savers ‘ Farley’s ‘ Gummi Savers ‘ Jet-Puffed ‘ Life Savers ‘ Milka L’il Scoops ‘ Now and Later ‘ Sather’s ‘ Terry’s ‘ Tobler ‘ Toblerone ‘ Trolli

BEVERAGES Capri Sun* ‘ Country Time ‘ Crystal Light ‘ Kool-Aid ‘ Tang

COFFEE General Foods International Coffees ‘ Gevalia ‘ Maxwell House ‘ Sanka ‘ Starbucks* ‘ Yuban

DESSERTS Baker’s ‘ Balance Bar ‘ Breyers yougurt’ Calumet ‘ Certo ‘ Cool Whip ‘ Dream Whip ‘ Ever-Fresh ‘ Handi-Snacks ‘ Jell-O ‘ Knox ‘ Light n’ Lively lowfat yogurt ‘ Minute ‘ Sure-Jell

CEREALS Alpha-Bits ‘ Banana Nut Crunch ‘ Blueberry Morning ‘ Cranberry Almond Crunch ‘ Cream of Wheat ‘ Cream of Rice ‘ Fruit & Fibre ‘ Golden Crisp ‘ Grape-Nuts ‘ Great Grains ‘ Honey Bunches of Oats ‘ Honeycomb ‘ Oreo O’s ‘ Pebbles* ‘ Raisin Bran ‘ Shredded Wheat ‘ Toasties ‘ Waffle Crisp

MEATS Louis Rich ‘ Lunchables ‘ Oscar Mayer


PIZZA California Pizza Kitchen* ‘ DiGiorno ‘ Jack’s ‘ Tombstone

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