California Environmentalists Say Gov. Jerry Brown Has “Dirty Hands”

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FEATURING LIZA TUCKER – The state of California is considered a leader in the fight against climate change. Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown has positioned himself as a “climate change warrior,” signing bills to promote renewable energy. But, a new report by the group Consumer Watchdog has found a disturbing link between concessions to energy companies, and donations from those companies to Brown’s reelection campaign and some of his favorite charities. The report, entitled, Brown’s Dirty Hands, found that, “Twenty-six energy companies with business before the state greased the skids via $9.85 million in political donations to Brown’s gubernatorial campaigns, ballot initiatives, [and] favorite causes.” It concludes that “the Brown Administration, despite its public posture hostile to the oil industry, privately aided oil companies at key junctures while receiving major oil industry contributions.”

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