Biofuels Go Live in CA?

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Lissa Morgenthaler-Jones, CEO
of LiveFuels Inc., was one of the first contributors to
Schwarzenegger’s recall campaign, as well as being the head of Amend for Arnold,
an organization devoted to changing the U.S. Constitution to allow the
foreign-born Schwarzenegger to run for president. She and her firm have
since given the gov more than $140,000, including $7,700 last week.

LiveFuels is pursuing producing biofuels from algae, rather than food
crops such as soybeans or corn. What’s the connection between Ms.
Morgenthaler-Jones’ two ventures and the Gov?
Arnold, who had been criticized for promising to convert his gas
guzzling Hummers to run on alternative fuels and not following through.
Perhaps it took prodding from a $140,000 donor for him to get the job

Keep your eyes open to see how long it takes for biofuels to go live in California…

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